Spiritual Coaching

I have a passion for people and seeing that their needs are met.

It is no secret that folks need attention. Many seek their relief in ways that can ultimately make things worse for their lives. Drugs, alcohol, destructive behavior, etc… Have no illusions you must be born from above before God can really help you. Jesus said that “God was a Spirit and they that worship Him must do it in spirit and in truth”.

Jesus said to the world that if we would come to Him we would find rest for our souls. He said that His yoke was easy and His burden was light.

It is my understanding and experience that many just can’t  handle the truth about what will solve their problems. With what God is asking of you, commanding of you,  thinking outside the box is an understatement.

As a Spiritual Coach, that has been tested with the trials of life my duty is to disciple people until they are able to disciple people. He says “in all your getting get and understanding”. That is one reason He died for us, so we could know the Father and His will for our lives.

The scriptures state that the Spirit quickens, the flesh prophets nothing.

Why God?

Because He Loves you for starters. Do you think that you have what you have because you pulled up your own boot straps and got busy with life all the things acquired are due to your ingenuity? Look at your house, car wonderful children. You my friend are living the dream. Now think about this.

The climax of God’s creative work was His extraordinary creation of man. “The LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being” (Genesis 2:7). The supreme Creator of heaven and earth did two things in creating man. First, He formed him from the very dust of the ground, and, second, He breathed His own breath into the nostrils of Adam. This distinguished man from all of God’s other creatures.

This one passage contains three significant facts about man’s creation. The first is that God and God alone created man. Man did not evolve from other creatures. Impersonal forces did not form man. All the cells, DNA, atoms, molecules, hydrogen, protons, neutrons, or electrons did not create man. These are only the substances that make up man’s physical body. The Lord God formed man. The Lord God created the substances, and then He used those substances to create man.

Ps 31:15, His word states “my times are in your hands’. Col 1:16 states ” for in Him all things were created, things in Heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him”.

Again He states Deu 8:18 “but remember it is the Lord your God who gives you power to gain wealth”.

I’ve said all this to say that without Him and the breath of life you could not exist or do anything. He created you to glorify Him.

So how would I begin as your coach you might ask?