About Us

I can only help you in Christ.

Hello My name is Minister James Heath and I come in Peace

I know that He is the answer to your problems, be it business, family, finance, whatever.

God saved me back in 1978 in Pittsburgh Pa., and I can attest to you that He has always been faithful, always loving, always on time.

I learned the hard way that all I had to do was ask. I got into so many problems trying to fix my own life. When I look back over the years I see that all I really needed to do just to be still and submit to this loving Fathers Will. I could have saved myself so much pain and suffering. Jesus told one crowd that “they had not because they ask not”.

He waited for me. That’s right. The all Mighty Creator of this mighty Universe waited for me to finally get it. He will answer you also if you call on Him in Jesus name. In your heart you know what I’m saying is true. This is not complicated. A child can understand.

Will this be true for you if He actually Helps?

Deliverance is available for you in any aspect of your life.

He is on your side with more power than you can imagine.